Deactivate A Customerhub Member


CustomerHub is tightly integrated with your Infusionsoft application. The access permissions you set up in CustomerHub are based on the tags and active subscriptions on members' Infusionsoft contact records. You can automatically disable access automatically based on the following events in Infusionsoft:

  • The Subscription is manually inactivated. If the Subscription status is moved from Active to Inactive, the person will no longer have access to the pages that use that Subscription as a criteria.
  • Tags are manually removed from a Person Record.
  • An Order Trigger automatically inactivates a Subscription or removes Tags. Order Triggers initiate Actions when:
    • A credit card is going to expire
    • An autocharge for a Subscription or Pay Plan fails or succeeds

CustomerHub has provided you with Email Templates, including a collections templates. Log on to CustomerHub and go to Settings > Application Settings and click on publish emails now to upload them to your Infusionsoft Application.

Be sure to set up a process to reactivate members (when appropriate) when they pay their outstanding membership program balance.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To deactivate a member automatically log into Infusionsoft and go to E-Commerce > Settings



  2. Click on Billing Automation in the settings menu.


  3. Select When an auto-charge attempt is made and click on the Add Trigger button.


  4. Select Fails from the drop-down.


  5. Mark the check-box for the LAST Failure (Max Retry Reached.)

    The Max retry is based on your Infusionsoft Order Settings.


  6. Mark the check-box for the membership subscription product.

    Note: If you have more than one Subscription Plan for a product, you may need to mark more than one checkbox.


  7. Add Actions to tell Infusionsoft what to do automatically when the autocharge for this subscription product fails.

    1. Select Cancel a Subscription from the drop-down.
    2. Select the subscription product you entered
    3. Save the Cancel a Subscription Action
    4. Select Apply / Remove Tag from the drop-down
    5. Click on Create a New Tag
    6. Enter a Tag Name (e.g. Silver Member Deactivated). Note: The name should be short and describe the fact that the payment failed.
    7. Enter a Tag Category (e.g. CustomerHub) or choose one from the drop-down.
    8. Click on Create this Tag.
    9. Save the Apply / Remove Tag Action.
    10. Select Send an Email from the drop-down.
    11. Select an Email Template to send to the customer to notify them that their access to that membership content has been deactivated and provide instructions to them about how to reactivate it.  If you have not created an appropriate Email Template, click on the Add button to create a new one. If you are using the billing and account management tools in CustomerHub, you can invite your customer to log in and submit payment to bring their account balance up-to-date.
    12. Save the Action.
    13. (Optional) Add more Actions if needed.
    14. Click on the Save Trigger button.
    15. Repeat this process for each subscription product that sells access to your CustomerHub membership site.