Automatically Reactivate A Customerhub Member When They Pay Their Balance


When a member receives notification that one of their CustomerHub memberships has been deactivated, they may decide to pay their outstanding balance and reinstate their membership status. When this happens, you need to make sure that their Infusionsoft contact record is updated accordingly. You will also need to train the responsible Infusionsoft user how to evaluate the payment status for a subscription, delete Tags from a contact record, and update a Subscription Status.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To Create a Reactivation Process, log into Infusionsoft and go to CRM > Settings in the master nav.

    The following process will ensure a member receives a notification automatically when a customer pays a subscription balance and is eligible for reactivation. First you will set up an Action Set in Infusionsoft, then you will link it to your CustomerHub application.


  2. Click on Action Sets in the settings menu.


  3. Click the Add an Action Set button and give the action set a name (e.g. CustomerHub: Successful Payment)


  4. Select Apply/Remove Tag from the Action drop-down.


  5. Click on Create a New Tag.

    1. Enter a Tag Name (e.g. Silver Member Reactivate). The name should be short and describe the need to reactivate the member.
    2. Enter a Tag Category (e.g. CustomerHub) or choose one from the drop-down.
    3. Click on Create this Tag.
    4. Mark the Only run this action when certain rules are met checkbox.
    5. Click the Add button to create a new rule or select an existing rule from the drop-down.
    6. Enter a Name (e.g. If Silver Membership is inactive) and click Create.
    7. Click on Create Criteria to define the rule criteria.
    8. Select Contact - General Information from the Person Field drop-down.
    9. Select Tags from the second field drop-down.
    10. Click on the Tag (e.g. CustomerHub ->Silver Member Deactivated) you applied to the record when the related membership subscription was deactivated.
    11. Click on Save Criteria.
    12. Click on Save and Close.


  6. Save the Action


  7. Repeat this process for each subscription membership you offer.

    Note: You will need to add a new Apply Tag action to this Action Set each time you add a new membership subscription product to Infusionsoft.


  8. Select Create a Task from the Action drop-down and click on the Add button to create a new Task Template.

    1. Enter a template Title (e.g. Reactivate CustomerHub Subscription)
    2. Select Other from the Type drop-down.
    3. Enter a task Title that matches the template Title (e.g. Reactivate CustomerHub Subscription)
    4. Enter the following message into the task Body. These are instructions for the responsible user.
      This person paid the overdue balance for their membership subscription through CustomerHub. Go to their contact record to confirm their payment status. If they are caught up, remove the Deactivated and Reactivate tags for that membership and edit their subscription to change the Subscription Status from Inactive to Active.
    5. Choose the responsible user from the Assign To: (backup) drop-down.
    6. (Optional) Select Critical from the Priority drop-down.
    7. (Optional) Select the responsible user's name from the user list and possibly a backup person. The users you select here will receive email notification when the task is auto-assigned.
    8. Save the task template.
  9. Save the Action.


  10. Save the Action Set.


  11. Note the Action Set ID - you'll need to use this in CustomerHub. If you do not see the Action Set, use the search box to find it in your list.


  12. In CustomerHub, go to Settings > Application Settings.


  13. Go to the Infusionsoft Action Sets section (near the bottom)


  14. Enter the Action Set ID in the Successful CustomerHub Payment Action Set field


  15. Click the Save button.


  16. Go to Settings > Customize Theme and click on the Stylesheet tab. Paste the following code into the Stylesheet. This code is required to turn off the Inactive Subscription Notice.

    Hide the Inactive Subscription Notice