Insert Like And Send Buttons In Customerhub


The Facebook integration allows you to add a Like & Send button to pages and partial s so that your CustomerHub members can share content. When someone "likes" a page in your CustomerHub website, they are added to the Facepile display.

  • The Like Button: The Like button lets people quickly share content with their friends. A single click on the button will 'like' pieces of content on the web, which shares them back to Facebook, where they can be seen by friends and re-shared. When a follower who is also a member of your CustomerHub site clicks on this link, they can log into your site and view the shared content. When a follower who is not a member clicks on the link, they will go to the Redirect URL you set up when you enabled the Facebook integration.
  • The Send Button: When a member clicks on the Send button, they are able to send a private message to a Facebook friend or any email address. The member's friend receives a direct message that includes a link to the CustomerHub page. If they are not a member, they are taken to the Redirect URL you entered into the Facebook Add-On settings.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To Add the Facebook Like & Send Button to a CustomerHub Page, go to Pages.


  2. Open the Page or Subpage you want to edit.


  3. Put your cursor in the page editor to select a location for the Like button (above or below the page content.)


  4. Click on the Facebook merge icon.


  5. Click on the Like Button link to add the button to the page.


  6. Save the Page.