Insert A Facebook Comment Button In Customerhub


The Facebook comments feature allows your members to post feedback or thoughts about the content they are viewing on the page (e.g. a featured video). This powerful tool adds a "community" type interaction to any page of your membership site.

Through the Comments section, your members can:

  • Share a comment or ask a question about the page content
  • Post the comment or question to their own Facebook profile page
  • Reply to another member's comment or question
  • Add other members to their own Facebook network
  • Follow discussions that they are participating in, or ones that interest them, even if they are not participating


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To Add the Facebook Comments Feature to a CustomerHub Page, go to Pages


  2. Open a Page or Subpage to edit it.


  3. Click on the General Info tab


  4. Go to the Facebook Comments section and mark the check-box to turn on the comments.


  5. (Optional) Enter a width (e.g. 300px) to adjust the width of the comments display, if needed.


  6. Save the changes


  7. To Moderate All Site Comments, Log into Facebook and CustomerHub.

    After you add Facebook Comments to your CustomerHub website pages, you need to make sure you monitor them.  The comments may include questions, feedback, requests for help, or ideas for additional content. The Facebook Comments tool is a two-way conversation. You want to make sure someone is dedicated to responding when appropriate.

    You can either moderate comments by viewing individual pages or view all of the site comments through Facebook.

    To be a moderator, you must be logged into Facebook and Customer Hub AND your Facebook profile must be listed in the CustomerHub Facebook Settings. If more than one person is responsible for moderating comments you can enter multiple profile IDs into this field (Settings > Add-Ons)


  8. Go to Library > Comments in CustomerHub. This will take you to the Facebook Comment Moderation Tool.


  9. Click on the Moderator View link.

    All of the Comments are public by default, but the Moderator can hide them.


  10. (Optional) Click on the Settings link to change the default Comment settings.

    If you choose to approve comments, they will not show up in CustomerHub until the moderator approves them. If you want to allow as many comments as possible, but want to keep inappropriate or "spammy" comments to a minimum, you can configure Blacklisted words. Save the changes.