Facebook Live Stream In Customerhub


The Facebook Live Stream allows your CustomerHub site members to communicate in real time, like the Chat function in Facebook. It encourages interaction during live events like a live streaming video, speech, webcast, or live webinar. You can also host live chats around a specific topic within your CustomerHub application, encouraging a discussion group or mastermind-type interaction. The Live Stream displays comments from members who are logged into Facebook during the discussion. There is no moderation tool for the Live Stream - all comments are posted immediately. If you want to moderate, you will need to use the Comments option instead.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To Add the Facebook Live Stream to a Page, go to Pages.


  2. Open the Page or Subpage you want to edit.


  3. Put your cursor in the page editor to select a location for the Like button (above or below the page content)


  4. Click on the Facebook merge icon


  5. Click on the Live Stream link to add it to the page


  6. Save the Page