Customerhub Application Settings


If you plan to use CustomerHub to process billing updates, you will need to link it to one of the Merchant Account s you've integrated with Infusionsoft.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Enter an email address into the Support Email field.

    This email address will receive notifications and help requests when your customers need help using CustomerHub.


  2. (Optional) WYSIWYG Editor

    The WYSIWYG Editor is turned on by default. This is the easiest editor to use to create pages in CustomerHub. Turn the WYSIWYG editor off if you want full control over the page style and content by inserting HTML code.


  3. Go to the Payment Settings section to enter the Merchant ID.

    Keep your CustomerHub application open and go back to Infusionsoft to get the Merchant Account ID.


  4. Go to Setup > Misc. Settings > Order Settings > Merchant Accounts tab


  5. Locate the merchant account you want to use to process the payments submitted through CustomerHub and click on Edit.

    The ID number is at the end of the URL - as highlighted below. Note: You may need to resize the browser window to view the full URL.


  6. Make note of the Merchant ID and return to CustomerHub.


  7. Enter the ID number into the Merchant ID field.

    Note: This is a required field. If you do not plan to use CustomerHub for collections, then enter zero into the Merchant ID field. You can edit this setting to integrate with a Merchant Account in the future.


  8. Click on the Currency dropdown to select a currency symbol.

    This symbol is displayed to your customers or members when they submit payments and view invoices through CustomerHub.


  9. (Optional) Payment Notification

    This setting is on by default, which means you will receive an email notification when someone submits a payment through CustomerHub.


  10. (Optional) Payment Notify Email

    Enter the email address that will receive the Payment Notification emails.


  11. (Optional) Invoice Note

    Enter a message that will display to all customers when they view their invoices through CustomerHub.