Optimus V2 Theme Css


You are able to modify the CSS of your CustomerHub theme by modifying the stylesheet of the theme (Settings > Customize Theme > stylesheet tab). This level of customization requires some basic knowledge of CSS code and hexadecimal color codes. You may need to get assistance from an experienced website administrator.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Here are some code examples to get you started...

    Remove the Slash Marks (//)


    Change the Color of Teaser Background (main page)
    #content .teaser{background-color:#FFFFFF;}


    Change the Color of Teaser Text (main page)
    #content .teaser{color:#000000;}


    Change the Width of File Download Links


    Remove the My Filebox Link from the Member / Customer Portal
    Note: You should not remove the My Filebox link unless you do not use the Member Files feature 
    or if you link to files using the File merge links in individual portal pages.


    Remove the Print Button