Page And Partial Templates


You can create custom Page and Partial Templates to use as a starting point when adding new content to your customer / member site. Creating templates will speed up the process of adding new information to the site and will help ensure consistent formatting. This can also help reduce the amount of repetition involved in adding multiple pages with similar content. It is worthwhile to invest time and / or money into creating templates since they not only increase efficiency, but also make it easier for you to train others how to add content to your CustomerHub website.

You can create a library of templates for Pages and for Partials. This uses Pages as an example. Once a template is created, it will appear in the template drop down so you can copy it when you create a new Page or Partial.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Pages


  2. Click on templates


  3. Click on create template


  4. Enter a Template Name and click Save.

    This name does not show up to customers / members; it is displayed in the template library, and the template drop down list when you create a new Page or Partial. It should be descriptive of the page format and content.


  5. Use the Editor to add the template content, as you do when you create a new Page or Partial.


  6. Click on Save when your template is finished.

    You can edit saved templates from the Page or Partial template list.


  7. To apply the template to a page, when creating a new page, select the Custom type


  8. Choose the template from the drop-down box.


  9. Best Practice Starter Theme

    The Best Practice Starter Theme content pack includes 14 images, 9 Page templates, 8 Partial templates (e.g. button navigation), and 5 Teaser. The pages use CSS code, which makes it easier for you to change the colors and images to match your brand.  The following examples are part of the Best Practice Starter Theme:

    • Welcome Video Home Page
    • Sequential Content Page with Teasers for Additional Content
    • Upsell Product Page
    • Page with Multiple Videos
    • Page with Multiple Audio Files
    • File Download Page
    • Menu Page