Manage Videos And Add Them To Pages And Partials


CustomerHub provides you with a secure website with a 256 secure encrypted connection using a SSL certificate. This means that the videos you use within CustomerHub should be hosted on a secure server too; otherwise some Internet browsers may display security warnings.

To make it easy for you to host videos in a secure location, CustomerHub includes an all-in-one video hosting, streaming, and delivery service. This allows you to store videos (Standard 480 x 320, Widescreen 640 x 360, and 720p HD 1280 x 720 - up to 5 GB per file) within your CustomerHub application rather than managing video through a third-party service (e.g. Vimeo). It can take some time to process larger video files, so we recommend you produce the smallest video file possible that meets your quality standards.

CustomerHub automatically encodes uploaded videos to ensure optimal speed and playback compatibility across multiple browsers and mobile platforms, including those requiring HTML 5. The encoding process transforms the video files to h264 (mp4) and webm formats. If you produce the original file in one of these two formats the encoding process will take less time. Once uploaded, it is easy to merge the videos into Pages and Partial s.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Library > Video


  2. Hover over the Upload Video button and select a video size preference.

    Note: You should only choose HD Video if you are uploading a HD Source video.


  3. Click on Choose File to browse your computer and select a video to upload. Double-click on an image to upload it.


  4. Click on Done to go to your video library to view the video you just uploaded and verify the system finishes encoding it.

    Please be Patient
    Large files take longer to encode. You can continue working on other tasks and check back later to verify success.

    You cannot revise videos once they've been uploaded to CustomerHub. If you need to replace a video you will first upload a new one. After you upload the new video, you will need to edit the Pages and Partials where it is used to remove the old video merge link and insert the new one. Once you've finished updating the Pages and Partials, go back to the video library (Library > Video), and click on the delete button to permanently remove the old video.


  5. To merge a video onto a CustomerHub page, Click into the WYSIWYG editor where you want to insert a file.


  6. Click on the Video media tab and click the name of the file to insert it into the page.

    Note: You can enter a file name into the Search field to find a file more quickly in larger media libraries.