Create A Member Page


A CustomerHub page is a web page that can be linked to the navigation menu in the member / customer portal. A page can be part of the top-level navigation, or can be added as a sub-menu option under one of the main menu options. Access to a page is defined by a visitor 's active Infusionsoft Subscriptions and Tags and the membership group you assign to the page when you create it. A Page layout includes a main body area and a right side column. To create a page, you will enter text and merge in content (images, videos, audio, or member files) from the multimedia libraries.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Pages


  2. Click on the Create Page button


  3. To create a custom page, click the custom page type.

    There are other page types you can choose from.


  4. Enter a Page Name

    This name is displayed in the navigation menu, at the top of the web page, and as the page title in the Internet browser.


  5. Select the a page Type (Main or Subpage.)

    Main pages are added as a top navigation tab. Subpages are shown as links below the tabs when the related main page is viewed.


  6. Choose who can view this page (you can come back and change this later.)


  7. Click the Save button to create the page.


  8. Enter the page Content.

    In most cases, you will use the built in WYSIWYG editor to create page content. If you have the WYSIWYG editor disabled, go to Settings > Application Settings to toggle it off.

    Note: You can click on the HTML icon to paste HTML code into the editor instead of using the WYSIWYG tools.


  9. Use the Media Selector Tool to insert multimedia (images, videos, etc...) into the page.

    • Click into the WYSIWYG editor where you want to insert a file.
    • Click on a media tab, then click on the name of the file you wish to insert into the page.

    Note: You can enter a file name into the Search field to find a file more quickly in larger media libraries.

    Be Careful!
    Do not edit the merge code for the multimedia files or the files will not merge into the page properly.


    • Video: {{video.dec2011infusionsoftecompreviewwebinar2-wmv-1324411893}}
    • Audio: {{audio.macgyver-mp3-1326298166}}
    • Member File: {{file.the-copyroom-worksheets-pdf}}

  11. (Optional) New pages use the Default Right Column.

    This generally displays your company logo and any information you entered under Settings > Customize Theme tab. Click on the link to edit the Default Right Column or unmark the checkbox to create a custom right column for this page.


  12. New pages are considered Drafts.

    You must click the Save & Publish button for the page to go live on your member website. Click Save to save this as a draft for now.


  13. Click on the general info or permissions tab to make other changes to the document.


  14. Click on Site Preview to preview the page and test the access permissions.