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Winter 2016-2017 Product Launch

Infusionsoft is committed to helping small businesses stay connected with their customers and prospects in a personal and relevant way. With our Winter 2016/17 Product Launch, small businesses are enabled to make more meaningful connections, by breaking barriers that may normally inhibit their growth. They are empowered with the information they need to confidently interact with their leads and customers - no matter where they are in the world. Mobile opportunity management, web visit automation, as well as the capability to segment based on time zone, language, and locale, allow small businesses to deliver a more personalized messages and enable automatic responses that are more human than ever before.

Let’s look at some of our favorite updates:


Maximize Productivity Anywhere You Go with Infusionsoft Mobile

  • Work leads in the pipeline with the ability to edit the status and add notes to contacts from any mobile device
  • The need to manually enter information when setting up recurring payments on a mobile device is a thing of the past. Now, subscriptions can be setup with just a swipe
  • Users can add contacts to their CRM by snapping a picture of a business card, right from the Infusionsoft Mobile app


Connect on a Local Level—Regardless of City, State or Country

  • Auto translation based on users’ browser language settings works on more external Infusionsoft landing page s than ever before
  • Set emails to land in mailboxes based on unique time zones directly within Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder or Email Broadcast tools


More Control Without Sacrificing Simplicity

  • Easily create custom designs in Infusionsoft’s Email Builder with HTML mode support
  • Quickly edit emails with the ability to clone email blocks
  • Emails will arrive on time and securely with improved deliverability time and virus scanning


Personal, Automated Follow Up for Small Businesses

  • Trigger automated follow-up when a contact visits specific pages on an owned website
  • Manage multiple campaigns with new campaign categories so contacts never receive incorrect marketing messages


To explore these updates in more detail, be sure to check our Nov, Dec, and Jan release notes. And stay tuned in the coming months, we have more exiting releases for you coming down the pike.