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October Update 2016

Release Note
The October Update is scheduled for Wednesday, October 12th. During the update, you may experience some slowness. Customers in these countries can expect this update on Thursday, October 13th.


Email Builder Beta is coming out of beta!

HTML Mode for new Email Builder

Submit a Support Case Update

UTF-8 Character Set Support

DMARC Field Validation

Known Issues Page



Email Builder beta is coming out of beta, here’s what you need to know

In conjunction with the October release, Email Builder Beta will shed the "Beta" tag and become the default email builder in the Email Broadcast and Campaign builder areas of Infusionsoft!
The following are important changes to be aware of:

In campaign builder:

  • The default email icon in the Communications section of the sequence toolbar will now load the new email builder.
  • The old email builder will continue to be available in the campaign builder for all existing customers as Email ( Legacy ) in the Communications section of the sequence toolbar.

  • All previously built campaign emails will continue to be able to be edited with the old email builder.
  • Campaigns imported from the marketplace or published by Infusionsoft Partners that have not yet updated to the new email builder will continue to be editable.

In Email Broadcasts:

  • The Email Builder Beta will shed the "Beta" tag and become the default Email Broadcast option.
  • The Classic Email Broadcast option (on the bottom section of the page) will remain available for all existing customers.

  • The previous default email broadcast wizard will no longer be available.
  • Any drafts in-progress can be continued in the Classic Email Broadcast wizard. They can be found on the Drafts tab of the Templates area of Send a Broadcast.



HTML Mode for new Email Builder

You now have the option to build custom HTML emails in the new Email Builder. In this mode, you will have full access to edit the HTML code while viewing a live preview pane on the right.

Please Note!
It is not possible to switch between HTML mode and Drag & Drop mode (or vice-versa). The choice must be made from the choose a template page at the time of creation.
  1. To use the new HTML mode while in the Campaign Builder or Send a Broadcast Wizard, simply select Create HTML Email from the Actions drop-down menu.

  2. Edit your code in the left pane and view a live preivew on the right. You have access to both Merge Field s and Attachments in the HTML editor.



Submit a Support Case Update

There have been a few changes in the process for submitting an online support ticket. We've improved the look of the submission form and given you more guidance to help describe your issue to us.

  1. Click the Submit a Support Case link in the Help menu.

  2. Note that the form has an updated look and asks for more specific information regarding your issue.



UTF-8 Character Set Support

Infusionsoft now have the ability to collect and store data using characters from the UTF-8 character set. This enables data in virtually any language to be stored on every record type in Infusionsoft.

At this time, exceptions to this support include email address fields and CSV data imports.

For example:

  1. Your customer or prospect submits a web form with UTF-8 supported characters.

  2. Those characters will now be stored and displayed correctly in Infusionsoft.

  3. Custom field names also support the UTF-8 character set.



DMARC Field Validation

As more and more email providers implement DMARC standards, deliverability could negatively impact customers who send email from a public email host such as Yahoo! or AOL. We wanted to make sure that you were made aware of potential DMARC issues. To do this, we've added validation to Infusionsoft that will alert you when sending an email broadcast from an email address that is not DMARC compliant. This alert will also be displayed when publishing a campaign, inviting a new user, or updating the email address in a user profile with an email address that is not DMARC compliant.

Additionally, if the email address in a user's profile is from one of these public email providers, we'll display a warning to them upon login.  Users will have the option to update their email address or dismiss the message.  This message will reappear at the user's next login if they have not updated their email.  In the event that the user does not want to update their email, they can check a box requesting not to display the message again, and we'll store this preference on their profile.



Known Issues Page Update

If you’ve encountered an error message or other technical issue in your Infusionsoft account, you can quickly check the Known Issues page to see if others have reported the same problem. You can quickly submit a support case directly from the Known Issues page and be notified when your problem is resolved.

The known issues page is kept updated throughout the day and night and ranked by priority.



Infusionsoft Software Release Statement

Infusionsoft’s release process is intentionally designed to deliver our latest innovations and improvements while minimizing disruption to daily operations of the small businesses who use Infusionsoft all around the globe.

As with any cloud service update, there is the possibility of intermittent slowness as software updates are deployed to all accounts.  Given this possibility, Infusionsoft policy is to only release updates outside typical business hours.

All accounts in the Americas, European and African regions are slated for release in the evening/early morning hours local time.  All Asia & Pacific region accounts are updated on a separate schedule so that these deployments occur overnight local time for users in this region.