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November Update 2016


Release Note
The November Update is scheduled for Tuesday, November 1st. During the update, you may experience some slowness. Customers in these countries can expect this update on Wednesday, November 2nd.

Campaign Categories

Change Campaign Goals

Collapsible Campaign Side Panel

Left-Aligned Emails in Email Builder

Clone Blocks in Email Builder

Consolidated Task Reminders

Schedule Broadcasts Based on Contact Time Zone

Contact Language Extended

ISO Standard Country/Sate List

Security Enhancements for HTML editors


Campaign Categories

You can now organize your list of campaigns using Campaign Categories.

  1. Go to Marketing > Settings > Campaign Categories.
  2. Click on Add New Category

  3. Enter the category name and hit the Enter key. You can come back to this page at any time to edit the name of the category or to delete the category.

  4. To assign a campaign to a category, open your campaign and click the Edit Categories option under the Actions drop-down.

  5. Choose the campaign category and click Save Categories.

  • There is no limit to the number of categories you can create.
  • When you go to Marketing > Campaign Builder, you can filter campaigns by category.

  • A campaign can be added to multiple categories



Change Campaign Goals

There is a new context menu option available when you right-click a campaign goal which allows you to change the goal type.

When you change the goal type, you lose the original goal configuration. For example: If you configured a web form goal and then changed it to a Landing Page , you would lose the original web form configuration (styling, layout, etc...)

When a goal type is changed AND it's connected to a decision diamond, the decision diamond criteria will be preserved.



Collapsible Campaign Side Panel

You can collapse the side panel in the Campaign Builder to create more work space.



Left-Align Emails in Email Builder

You can now left-align the entire email in the Email Builder.

  1. Make sure you are in the Design View

  2. You can now quickly toggle alignment

  • Moving your email position to the left, in conjunction with a white background and fewer images, will give your email a more personal, hand-typed appearance. This may resonate better with specific audiences.
  • A centered email canvas is more typical for marketing emails, newsletters, etc.



Clone Blocks in Email Builder

You can now quickly clone any Block in the Email Builder; all of the content in the Block will be cloned (except links in a Text Block.)



Consolidated Task Reminders

Previously, every task reminder had its own pop-up window. If you manage a lot of tasks, managing these pop-ups could be cumbersome and it could cause performance issues. We now consolidate every 20 tasks into a single pop-up window. You can manage these tasks individually or in bulk.

  1. Click on Open, Dismiss, or Snooze to manage an individual task reminder.
  2. Click on Snooze All or Dismiss All to manage tasks in bulk.



Schedule Email Broadcasts Based on a Contact's Time Zone

You now have the option to schedule an Email Broadcasts based on the time zone field in the contact record rather than a single chosen time zone.

  • If an Email Broadcast recipient has a time zone set on their contact record, then the broadcast will be sent based on their time zone; otherwise, the broadcast will be sent at the specified time in the default "Application Time Zone" which can be set in Admin > Settings > General > Application Time Zone.
  • In the situation where the scheduled time in the recipient's time zone falls in the past, a message will display above in the scheduling area and will give you the option of sending the broadcast now or rescheduling it for another time. If you choose to send the email now, those recipients will get the email immediately.
  • This option is only available when sending an Email Broadcast using the Email Builder; Legacy features such as Classic Drag & Drop Builder, Code Email Builder, Fax Broadcasts, Voice Broadcast s do not support this feature.


Contact Record Language Options Extended

We have expanded the "Language" list that is displayed on a contact record to follow a language-locale format to account for regional variations in some languages.


ISO Standard Country List Update

We have updated the Country / State / Province lists located in Admin > Settings and Marketing > Settings to use modern ISO standards.



Security Enhancment for HTML Editors

HTML editors within Infusionsoft now include a new security measure to help reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities. 

  1. You will encounter this message if you enter JavaScript into the Source tab, then click the Edit button.

  2. You will be presented with an alert message stating, “The editor may alter your source code.”

  3. If you click OK, Infusionsoft will make changes to the source code to prevent potential malicious activity. If you click Cancel, your source code will remain unchanged and you will stay on the Source tab.