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May Update 2016


Scheduled Update
The May update is scheduled for Monday, May 16th. During the update, you may experience some slowness. Customers in these countries can expect this update on Tuesday, May 10th.

Your customers can now pay invoices online from a manual order

Trigger a campaign purchase goal from a manual (charge now) credit card charge

Campaign sequence steps can be scheduled using custom date/time fields on the contact record

A new appointment object is available in the campaign builder

Skip assigning an owner if one already exists in the campaign builder

Set a contact date field to today's date automatically in a campaign sequence

Email Builder Beta - Image Library Search Enhancements

Email Builder Beta - Additional link types added

Email Builder beta - Search tags and create new ones on-the-fly

Linked Contacts Update




Your customers can now pay invoices online from an order.

A new option in E-Commerce Settings has been added to enable these new invoices. The invoices will work with all order types: online orders, unpaid orders, or manual orders. To enable this feature:

  1. Go to E-Commerce > Settings
  2. Click on Orders
  3. Under the Invoice section, you will see a new setting allowing you to enable this new feature.

  4. Click Save


As an example, we'll show you the workflow of sending an invoice from a manual order. When you are ready to send the invoice from a manual order, click the Send Invoice button at the bottom of the order record and follow the instructions below:


  1. Payment Options: Choose whether to send the invoice with or without an online payment option.

  2. Modify the To and Subject line if you wish.
  3. Edit the open text fields
  4. Click Send Invoice
  5. Your customer will receive the invoice email with a button labeled, View my InvoiceThey can view the invoice and its current status (paid or unpaid) at any time in the future.

  6. At the bottom of the online invoice, there will be an option to pay now.

  7. Your customer will enter their payment information and click Submit.

  8. Upon successful payment, your customer will be redirected to an "Invoice Paid" success page.

  9. Your customer will then receive an order receipt.


  • Once this is enabled, all new invoices can be viewed and emailed from any order record.
  • When you enable this feature, all of your old invoices will be saved if you decide to disable this feature in the future.
  • Legacy invoice options are removed from the Settings page when you enable this feature.
  • The new invoice templates are mobile responsive, meaning they will maintain a professional look on all devices - like phones and tablets.
  • The new invoice emails will only allow you to edit the open text fields.
  • This setting will be enabled by default for all new customers


Trigger a campaign purchase goal from a manual (charge now) credit card charge

Previously, manually charging a payment from the order record did not trigger a purchase goal requiring you to set up purchase action s outside of the campaign builder. Now, all manual orders that are paid via credit card (charge now) will trigger a purchase goal in the campaign builder.

  • The purchase goal will only trigger on the initial charge of a subscription product or payment plan.
  • Only the credit card (charge now) payment type will trigger a purchase goal. It will trigger on the first successful charge attempt. In other words, if a payment fails on the 1st attempt but is successful on the 2nd auto charge attempt, the goal will trigger. 


Campaign sequence Field Timers can now use custom date/time fields on the contact record

This is perfect for reminding people to attend a particular event or for appointment reminders.

  1. First, you'll need to create a date/time custom field
  2. When you are editing your campaign sequence, you can drag a field timer onto the canvas and choose this custom field as an option. Note that only field timers are supported.


A new appointment object is available in the campaign builder

Improve your internal processes with appointment automation.

  1. There is a new campaign sequence object labeled, "Create Appointment" under the Processes tab
  2. Just drag onto the campaign canvas and configure it. For now, use this article to see how to configure an appointment. We will be creating a new article soon to show this step-by-step.


Skip assigning an owner if one already exists in the campaign builder

We recently introduced a new object in the campaign builder called Assign an Owner that allows you to assign an internal user to a contact record automatically within a campaign sequence. Based on your feedback, we've added a checkbox that will ignore the owner assignment if the contact is already assigned to an owner.


Set a contact date field to today's date automatically in a campaign sequence

The Set a Field Value object in a campaign sequence has been updated to allow you to insert today's date (or today's date/time if you are using a custom date/time field) on a contact record. This will allow you time-stamp events on a contact record.

  1. Drag a Set a Field Value object onto the campaign sequence canvas.

  2. When you choose a date or date/time custom field, you can check the option to "use today's date"


Date/Time field note: Because Infusionsoft records time in increments of 15 minutes, the time value will be the most recent 15 increment that has passed .


Email Builder Beta - Image Library Search Enhancement

For an updated list of all Email Builder Beta features, check out this article.

You can now search images by filename and they are sorted by most recent



Email Builder Beta - Additional Link Types

Email address and phone number link types have been added. Note that these links types are not trackable. These link types are responsive. For example, if the recipient is on a mobile device, they can tap the phone number to dial.


Email Builder Beta - Tag Search & Creation

You can now search for tags by typing the name and choosing it from the drop-down


If a tag doesn't exist, you can create a new one on-the-fly


Linked Contacts Update

The Linked Contacts feature allows Infusionsoft users to define relationships between contacts they have created in their Infusionsoft account. For example, I could create a contact in my account for Jack and Jill, then use the Linked Contacts feature to create a relationship identifying them as husband and wife. Previously, these relationships could only be created, edited or removed from contacts via the UI. With this release, they can now be managed via the API. 

Please Note!
In order to make linked contacts match between those created via the API and those created via the UI, it was necessary to begin enforcing the maximum number of links set on the link type. As a result, when creating/updating link types, you should always use even numbers.

Check out the steps below to see how it's done.

  1. While viewing a contact record, click on the Linked Contacts tab

  2. Click Manage Link Types

  3. Click New Link Type to add a new link type

  4. Enter a name for your link type and a max number of links allowed for this type of link.

  5. Back on the Linked Contacts tab, search for the name of the contact you wish to link.

  6. Choose the Link type

  7. Click Save Link



Infusionsoft Software Release Statement

Infusionsoft’s release process is intentionally designed to deliver our latest innovations and improvements while minimizing disruption to daily operations of the small businesses who use Infusionsoft all around the globe.

As with any cloud service update, there is the possibility of intermittent slowness as software updates are deployed to all accounts.  Given this possibility, Infusionsoft policy is to only release updates outside typical business hours.

All accounts in the Americas, European and African regions are slated for release in the evening/early morning hours local time.  All Asia & Pacific region accounts are updated on a separate schedule so that these deployments occur overnight local time for users in this region.