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March Update 2017

The March Update is scheduled for Monday, March 6th. During the update, you may experience some slowness. Customers in these countries can expect this update on Tuesday, March 7th.


Mobile Update: Snap has Merged with Infusionsoft Mobile

Mobile Update: All Orders (Including Subscriptions) Can Now be Paid by Swiping or Dipping

Unpublish a Campaign

Improvement: All Sales Report Now Respects Your Time Zone Setting

Improvement: Dates and Times Now Respects Your Time Zone Setting for Contact Records and Interactive Search Tabs

Improvement: Globalized Numerical Formatting

Improvement: We are Capturing language Based on Regional Browser Settings on More Web Pages



Mobile: Snap has Merged with Infusionsoft Mobile

With Snap functionality merged into Infusionsoft Mobile, you can now add a contact to Infusionsoft just by snapping a picture of their business card. From the Add Contact screen, there is now a camera button which takes you to a guided flow to Snap a business card. Once the card has finished processing, you will receive a notification to review the information and add the new contact. This saves you the hassle of jumping between Infusionsoft Mobile and Snap. Note: The Snap mobiles app was retired on 1/27/2017.

  1. Add contact screen

  2. Click Camera button

  3. Focus camera on business card, take Snap
  4. Review card quality and tap Use.
  5. Await processing of card



Mobile Update: All Orders (Including Subscriptions) Can be Paid by Swiping or Dipping

Previously, orders created in the Infusionsoft Mobile app containing subscriptions were only payable by cash or by manually typing in the credit card information. We now allow paying for all orders (including subscriptions) by swiping or dipping a credit card using the mobile credit card reader.



Unpublish a Campaign

A new "Unpublish" option has been added to the Actions menu within campaigns. This action will:

  • Remove all contacts from the campaign
  • Disable all automation - All published goals and sequences will be switched to the Ready state (striped green) to indicate that they are no longer published, but ready to be published again
  • The Last 24 Hour and Last 30 Day reporting data for the campaign will be preserved (Current will no longer be accessible), though it will still "expire" (e.g., 24 hours after unpublishing, the Last 24 Hour reporting will show all zeros because there will not have been any activity in that timeframe)

In addition, when unpublishing, Infusionsoft will check to see if there are any published web forms or landing page s in the campaign. If there are, you will be presented with the option to customize the error message displayed when the forms are filled out (e.g., if a form is not removed from your website, or the link to the hosted version is still live.)

  1. Click on Actions and select, Unpublish.

  2. (Optional) If a published form is found, you will be prompted to enter an error message

  3. Click Unpublish



Improvement: All Sales Report Now Respects App Time Zone Setting

All date columns (Date, Export Date, Date Sent) on the All Sales Report are now shown at the date and time they occurred in the application time zone set for your Infusionsoft account. Also, when using date ranges in the report search criteria, the report will display records that match those dates in the application time zone.



Improvement: Dates and Times Now Respect Your Time Zone Settings on Contact Records and Interactive Search Tabs

The following sections now show dates and times appropriate to your user time zone setting in Infusionsoft, both on the Contact record and on the slide-out tabs in the interactive view of the contact search:

  • Orders & Quotes
  • Opportunities
  • Notes
  • Scored and Recent Activity
  • Filebox
  • Follow Up Sequence
  • Web Profile
  • Form Submissions
  • Tags
  • Email History



Improvement: Globalized Numerical Formatting

In Campaign Builder reporting and in some of the dashboard widgets, larger numbers get abbreviated (i.e. 4,300,000 becomes 4.3M). These abbreviations have been updated to be displayed in a format determined by your regional browser settings.



Improvement: We are Capturing language based on regional browser settings on more web pages

Previously, a contact's language was captured only when a web form was submitted. The contact's language will now be automatically captured from their browser settings when performing any of the following:

  • Responding to quotes
  • Responding to invoices
  • Submits order forms
  • Purchases via shopping cart