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Fall 2016 Product Launch

For those of you that have been following the Release Notes over the past several months, you know that Infusionsoft has released innovative updates that help small businesses get organized and build lasting connections with their contacts, leads and customers in new and exciting ways. With our Fall 2016 Product Launch, we look back at some of our favorite updates:

  • Connect with Contacts on Their Schedule: Automated sales and marketing campaigns now store contacts’ geographical information to enable intelligent time zone deliverability. Users can rest assured knowing all their contacts –regardless of where in the world they are– will receive emails at a relevant time to them.
  • The Automation of Quotes and Invoices: Quotes and invoices have been built into Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder, allowing customers to organize and automate follow-up based on how contacts respond to a quote or invoice. What was once a time-consuming manual task that was difficult to manage is now easier than ever thanks to Infusionsoft’s powerful automation engine.
  • New Invoice and Quote Features: Infusionsoft has added new options that allow customers to save default fields for Quotes and Invoices, adding efficiency and reducing the amount of time it takes to generate personalized emails for quotes and invoices. New options include terms and conditions, email subject lines and email body content. Infusionsoft further streamlined the invoice and quote process by enabling direct online payment via a credit card.
  • Instant Reports and Analytics: With Infusionsoft’s new Campaign Dashboard Widget, users can get quick insight into how their campaigns are performing. They can also share insights with teammates on key business metrics, such as lead scoring, marketing campaigns, sales numbers and more.
  • HIPAA Compliant: Medical practices and other HIPAA covered entities can now freely use the Infusionsoft sales and marketing platform knowing the company is fully compliant with HIPAA and the HITECH Act.

To explore these updates in more detail, be sure to check our July, August, Sept, and October Release Notes. And stay tuned in the coming months as we continue to release innovative features aimed at elevating small businesses.