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April Update 2017


Native Zapier Integration for Contact Import
BigCommerce Integration
Infusionsoft Sidebar
Internationalization Improvements
Email Builder Improvements
User Permissions: Descriptions
Upload New Logo Image
Update your Login Email (Infusionsoft ID)


Native Zapier Integration for Contact Import

Automatically add new contacts into Infusionsoft from these popular apps

Infusionsoft and Zapier have partnered to bring Infusionsoft users premium Zapier integrations for a free 45 day trial. If you are an existing Zapier customer, you can sign into your existing account during the setup process. Once configured, new contacts added to any of the integrations (see list below) will automatically be dropped into your contact list. This solves the problem of not knowing how to integrate with popular lead generation systems and to ensure your leads and customers show up inside Infusionsoft to begin triggering marketing automation.

The following integrations will be natively supported in this first version of the integration. This list was provided by Zapier as the most popular integrations their customers use when connecting to Infusionsoft:

  • Kajabi
  • Facebook (Lead Ads)
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • Eventbrite
  • GoToWebinar
  • Typeform
  • Wufoo
  • Gravity Forms
  • Formstack
  • Google Sheets

Please Note
This is only for new contacts that are added to these 3rd party systems once the integration is setup.  If you need to import an existing list of contacts, you should follow the guided workflow from this help center article or speak with someone in our Value-Added Sales team about Infusionsoft's Data Import Service offerings.

Also Note
Existing users will not be able to use the trial as they are already likely getting value out of Zapier. If they want to create another account to get an extra 31 days (we offer a standard 14-day trial already), they are more than welcome to.
  1. Choose the Zapier dropdown from the "Contacts" sub-menu.

  2. Select Use this Zap on the right side of the screen to connect with the integration you'd like to begin having new contacts automatically pushed into Infusionsoft.

  3. If it's your first time selecting the integration, you will be prompted to create your free 45-day trial account with Zapier.

  4. If you're already a paying customer, you can sign in to your existing account by using the Already have an account? link at the bottom of the screen.

  5. Finish the setup wizard to successful completion of the integration.

For customer support in setting up the integration, please contact Zapier Support.


BigCommerce Integration

Automatically sync contacts, products, and orders from BigCommerce to Infusionsoft to trigger marketing automation. The BigCommerce integration brings your products and customers’ purchase history into Infusionsoft to trigger automation. The BigCommerce integration allows you to quickly and easily import your BigCommerce contacts, orders and products into Infusionsoft, allowing you to leverage the CRM power of Infusionsoft while having the benefits of the BigCommerce platform. The BigCommerce integration is a web-based service and requires no software downloads or installations. The BigCommerce integration requires an active BigCommerce store and Infusionsoft app with the e-commerce module. Download the integration here.

The integration handles the following for you, automatically:

  • Synchronizes BigCommerce products and orders to Infusionsoft
  • Synchronizes customer data to Infusionsoft
  • Applies product tags to each customer, allowing you to automate follow up sequences based on products purchased


When a new order is received in your BigCommerce store, the BigCommerce integration will verify the customer exists as a Contact in Infusionsoft. If the customer is not already in Infusionsoft, the integration will add them, automatically.


When a new order is received in your BigCommerce store, the BigCommerce integration will verify the products on that order are in Infusionsoft -- and if they're not, it will automatically import them into Infusionsoft.


The BigCommerce integration transfers new orders to Infusionsoft automatically, including products ordered, shipping, handling, taxes and coupons. This saves you time in manually transferring order data and ensures that your Infusionsoft application is up to date with your customers most recent orders. Current data in Infusionsoft means that you're able to get accurate information to make sound business decisions.

Click here to learn more!

BigCommerce Installation Click Steps

  1. Find the BigCommerce app from the Infusionsoft Marketplace
  2. Click GET THE APP

  3. I'm not already a BigCommerce customer, so I clicked on START MY FREE BIGCOMMERCE TRIAL button

  4. Entered the name of your store and click START YOUR FREE TRIAL

  5. Your store will then be created for you

  6. Once your in the BigCommerce panel, click Apps

  7. Find and click on the Infusionsoft Integration

  8. Click Install

  9. Click Confirm

  10. Click Connect to Infusionsoft

  11. Click Allow. Note that if you have multiple apps connected to your account, you'll need to select it from a drop-down

  12. I left all the default settings and checked the Enable Sync option, then clicked Apply

  13. BigCommerce let me know, "Changes applied"

  14. I signed into my Infusionsoft app and found the new tag categories to confirm it synced correctly CRM > Settings > Tag Cateogories


Infusionsoft Sidebar

Now available for Chrome and Firefox; Gmail and Inbox by Gmail

The power of Infusionsoft, right where you already work. Access your Infusionsoft CRM records, add contacts to marketing campaigns, create or complete tasks and automate backoffice workflows right from the comfort of your inbox. With your CRM only a click away, you’ll boost productivity and save time.

  • Stay connected to your contacts and keep your database up-to-date without the extra clicks when CRM lives in your inbox
  • Add, edit and manage your opportunities and tasks right from your inbox - now supporting opportunity checklists!
  • Add contacts with a click
  • Get an email from a new contact? Infusionsoft Sidebar pre-fills a contact form for you
  • Track opened emails sent from your inbox. Emails sent directly from your supported email client (Gmail or Inbox by Gmail) are tracked to see who’s opened - and who hasn’t (currently does not send back to Infusionsoft)


Where is the email syncing functionality I am used to with Gmail Sync?
Sidebar for Email is not a replacement for Gmail Sync at this time. Sidebar for Email has launched with support for Gmail and Inbox by Gmail but will support additional email clients soon (such as Office365).

Where is the calendar syncing functionality I am used to with Gmail Sync?
Infusionsoft Sidebar is not a replacement for Gmail Sync at this time. Calendar Sync, a forthcoming add-on product for Sidebar, will bring improved calendar syncing capabilities for Google and more.

When are these new features coming?
We will continue to update Sidebar for Email and our other add-on products monthly moving forward.

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Internationalization Improvements

Translations available in French, German, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese for Quotes, Invoices, Shopping Cart, Order Forms and these additional location-based features:

Language Dropdown Renders Based Off Locale


Dates and Times render in proper format based off browser locale for External Facing Pages


Removed million dollar limit for currency amounts


Added time zone and language fields to import


Email Builder Improvements

Now you can save and name your email as a template right from within the Email Builder

NOTE: Emails are autosaved as drafts to the "Drafts" section; there is no need to worry about saving your work. The Exit button within the builder also saves your email as a draft to the same section prior to leaving the builder experience.


Rename saved templates

Because you can name templates upon saving them, you can now also rename those saved templates from the "My Templates" gallery view


Body responsive to header tray



User Permissions: Descriptions

Each permission now has a detailed description to define what that permission allows. Now, you can confidently know who has access to what function inside your Infusionsoft account.

  1. Go to Admin > Users in the main navigation menu
  2. Descriptions are visible below the name of each permission across all tabs in the "Editing User Permissions" page.


Upload New Logo Image

Quickly upload new logo image in the branding center.

  1. Click on the Branding Center link under "ADMIN" from the Main Navigation Menu at Infusionsoft logo in the top left of the screen
  2. Click on the Logos tab within the Branding Center

  3. Click the Edit button for any logo

  4. Click the Add New Image button to upload a new image file for your logo


Update your Login Email (Infusionsoft ID)

You can change the email that you use to login to your Infusionsoft account without needing to contact customer support.

  1. Select Edit My Profile from the header navigation bar

  2. Select Edit next to your email address under "Your Infusionsoft ID"

  3. Change your email address from in the "Infusionsoft ID" field.  Click Save when you are finished.

  4. Give yourself a high five!

Once you have successfully changed your login email address, you will receive the following email to both your former login email address AND your new one: