Why isn't my balance fully available

There can be a few different reasons why an account balance isn't fully available for withdrawal. Below are several reasons, as well as some extra info about each reason:

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One or more payments haven't fully processed

Pending payments are payments that are subject to minor delays from reviews. Payments are reviewed to protect merchants and payers from any malicious activity and ensure they are compliant with the WePay Terms of Service.

It can take up to two business days for us to review a pending payment. Bank payments can take longer to clear because the payer must first verify their bank account information.

Payments may clear faster if the information that we ask for is provided in the Trust Center.

The account holder needs to link their bank account

A bank account must be linked in order to receive funds from Keap Payments. Visit the payment types page in your Infusionsoft by Keap application and click the ‘connect your bank account’ link to complete the process. Learn more

There are reserves on the account

WePay has a unique reserves system that tries to balance getting merchant's their money as soon as possible while also protecting against risky elements like fraud.

A portions of payments that WePay holds to protect the merchant’s business against chargebacks or disputes. Reserves are based on the transaction history in their account as well as the information provided at sign up, including their industry and how the merchant is using Keap Payments.

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