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Introduction to Infusionsoft


Be sure to download the Infusionsoft University On-Demand workbook which will enable you to complete exercises and follow along with the course.

Lifecycle Marketing


Customize your sales and marketing strategy based on three stages of Lifecycle Marketing - Keap's proven framework for capturing leads, increasing sales and creating lifetime value for your customers.

Small Business Success Method


The SBS Method will be a huge advantage for you, clarifying what you need to do to grow sales and save time in your business.

Campaign Builder - Fundamentals


The campaign builder is a visual, drag & drop interface that allows you to build a marketing and sales process from start to finish; including emails, landing page s and more. Your business may only require a single campaign to automate your entire marketing and sales automation strategy, or you may run many campaigns concurrently to support more complex automation needs.

Web Forms & Landing Pages


Learn how to build web forms and landing pages to attract and capture leads.

Campaign Builder - Intermediate


As humans, we have this natural urge to ask "Why?" We want to understand things around us. It connects us to the human experience. When it comes to creating automated experiences using Infusionsoft's campaign builder, they can definitely be challenging to understand. However, more often than not they do not HAVE to be difficult to grasp.

Tags & Custom Fields

The purpose of a tag is to segment your list. Being able to pull a highly targeted segment from your database not only gives you the opportunity to deliver a very targeted message but also gives you a better chance that the recipient will take action. Simply, tags organize a lot of data into smaller chunks so you can quickly access it later.


Automate Internal Processes

Entrepreneurs say they spend 68 percent of their time managing daily tasks in their business instead of working on their business strategy and goals, according to a survey from The Alternative Board, a membership organization for business owners. When repetitive, tedious tasks are automated, employees have more time to focus on strategy and personal interactions: the kind of work best done by people, not software.


Lead Scoring


There a lot of nebulous definitions out there, but when we talk about a lead scoring system, it’s simply a way to rank your leads so your sales reps can prioritize where they spend their time. This gives you a couple pretty amazing benefits in your business. Benefits: 1. Lead scoring is will help get your sales and marketing teams synced up. When your marketing team knows what makes a lead more likely to buy then they really narrow down their 2. Increase Sales because your reps are able to work with your hottest leads first.

Campaign Builder - Advanced


Sending at least one email after a prospect gives you their name and email address is critical. But what about the second, third, or fourth email? Marketing studies show it takes roughly seven to 10 touches to convert someone to a customer. Most people forget to send more than one email. When that happens, we may be throwing away a possible sale. And that could translate into thousands of dollars we’re leaving on the table. So what do you do to make sure that doesn’t happen? You need to automate your email nurture sequence.

Lead Source Tracking


As your business evolves you must start tracking where your leads come from. The reason why this is important is because when it comes to customer acquisition all lead sources are not created equal. By tracking exactly where your leads are coming from you will be able to determine how much you are spending to generate leads and, more importantly, how much it is costing you to acquire a customer by lead source. Armed with this information you will be able to make marketing investments that can result in the highest ROI. Without this information, you can only guess where the best sources of leads come from.

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