Campaign Sequence How-To

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The Sequence is where the Automation happens. This can be as simple as sending an Email after a Web Form filled out or a complete process of creating assigning contact owners, tasks, follow up emails, and more.


If the timer between two communication/process objects is configured, the sequence holds the future item (to the right of the timer) until the timer schedule is met, then the sequence proceeds.

No communication/process will run if it is behind a timer that has not been configured.

View from reporting tab in the sequence. Notice there are no processes after the initial email

If all of the sequence timers are configured, but some of the communication/process pieces are not configured or marked as ready, the sequence will skip the unfinished pieces and proceed to the next ready object.

Email in the sequence is in draft mode 
Reporting view within the sequence. Notice the draft email is not shown

Timer to Timer - You can connect a timer to another timer, but this does not really make sense. One timer between objects provides many flexible scheduling options.

If there is no timers between communication/process in a sequence, the communication/process will run immediately.


Communications are generally emails sent to the contact who is progressing through the campaign. Email's can be sent to a internal staff member, an outsourced service provider, or anyone else.


Handles work flow automation. They keep the contact record up to date and assign responsibilities to Infusionsoft Users. Click the icons on the Process Image to learn about that specific Process.

Apply/Remove Tag

Tags are searchable labels that are used to segment contact records and track certain contact activity

Apply Note

Apply Note adds a date stamped note to a contact with standardized comments. They are often used to mark a relationship milestone. These notes do not initiate any automation. They are also hidden from users so they cannot be used to manually add a contact note.

Create Task

Create Task assigns one specific responsibility to an Infusionsoft User. After the task is assigned, the User is responsible for manually updating it and adding a completion date.

Create Appointment

The Create Appointment will create an appointment based on the date the contact enters the sequence or using a Date Field in the contact record.

Set Field Value

Automatically set the value of a field in the contact record; this includes both standard and custom fields. You can specify to overwrite existing data in that field, or preserve existing data and only execute this step if the field is blank. Date Fields have an option to use the date when the contact reaches that point in the sequence

Note: Fields that cannot be update are : Name, Phone, Address, Main Email, and SSN.  Also, Merge fields also do not work in Set Field Value.

Assign an Owner

This object allows you to assign an owner (an Infusionsoft user) to a contact record.

  • Assign to User: This option allows you assign the contact record to a specific user in your Infusionsoft application.
  • Assign using Round Robin: A round robin is a set of distribution rules based on numeric logic. Round robins are created outside of the campaign builder (CRM>Settings>Round Robins).

Create Opportunity

When you add the "Create Opportunity", you assign the opportunity to a specific sales rep or a round robin . You also define a sales stage. Before you configure the opportunity objects you need to:

  • Assign Infusionsoft User to the "Sales Rep User Group" located in the User Record > User Group tab
  • Set up a Round Robin if you will being using a Round Robin to assign Contacts (CRM>Settings>Round Robins)
  • Create Opportunity Sales Stages (CRM>Settings>Sales Pipeline)

Fulfillment List

Is a spreadsheet containing contact information and/or include an attachment. 

Delivery: There are two ways to deliver a fulfillment list: 

  • A User's Dashboard 
  • An email address
  • Optional queue jobs to only send when X amount are ready to be fulfilled within a specific amount of days

User's Dashboard: This delivery option is typically designed for companies that do their own fulfillment, or want to check over the spreadsheet before sending it to external fulfillment. The User will see the fulfillment job on their dashboard, click to open it, and then mark the fulfillment as complete when they are done.

An Email Address: The fulfillment is automatically attached to the email (.csv file type) and then sent to the recipient.  If you use an external fulfillment company, this will allow you to automate your fulfillment process.

Add to CustomerHub

Creates the Contact's login information (Username and Password) Note: Requires a CustomerHub license.


Is used to send information from Infusionsoft to a Web Page that runs a script (e.g., ASP, PHP, Javascript.) which extracts data from the URL and processes it on your web server. Only standard port numbers are supported. Supported ports are: 80 and 443.

You can add multiple lines of Name / Value pairs.

  • Click the "plus" icon to add another pair
  • Click the "minus" icon to remove a pair

Note: You cannot reorder the lines after they've been added. You can only delete and recreate them. Click on  to remove a Name / Value line item.

Each line item of the HTTP Post will send 2 pieces of information to the URL: a field name and a field value

  • Name: The first field is the name of the field you are sending. For example if you wanted to send the Contact's Email, you would enter  "email" 
    • For fields with two parts use a _ for the Space i.e. first_name
  • Value:  The second field is for the Infusionsoft merge field value.  For example for the Contact's Email you would use ~Contact.Email~
  • Click Merge to access the Infusionsoft merge field values

When you've finished adding Name / Value lines, click on the Test button to verify the post is working as expected.

  • "200" response code validates the post is working properly.  
  • "409" error may mean that the user you selected already has a member record in CustomerHub. Try testing with a different user.
  • Other response codes may require troubleshooting

Action Set Legacy

This is a legacy feature that can be used to give you access to additional actions. The most common uses are create order and cancel subscription. First create the Action Set by going to  Marketing > Settings > Action Set

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