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Categorize Your Campaign When Creating a New One

Moving forward, when you begin creating your campaign, you will have the option to both name and categorize the campaign.

  1. Click the Create Campaign button
  2. Name your campaign and assign it to a category or create a new category on-the-fly

  3. Click the Save Categories button to start building your campaign!


Test Your Decision Diamond logic

Publish with confidence! You can now test your decision diamond logic prior to publishing your campaign. Please refer to this new article for instructions and watch the video below


Categorize Tags When Creating Them in the Email Builder

  1. Highlight the text you would like to hyperlink and click the Link icon

  2. Click the Tag button and create a new tag

  3. Note that you now have the option to create a new tag category on the fly.

  4. Name your new tag category and click Create Tag

  5. Click Done when you are finished configuring the link.



API Additions and Changes

Click here to view the latest updates with the Infusionsoft API

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