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We are in the process of moving voice broadcasts to a new provider. As a result, voice broadcasts currently cannot be created or sent. We are actively working to resolve this issue, but do not have an estimated resolution date at this time. Learn more.

We integrate with a cloud based technology (CallFire) so you can send a recorded messages to a group of people in your Infusionsoft database.  Voice broadcasts are sent same day (not on a scheduled date), but you can limit the message to specific hours (so you don't wake someone up in the middle of the night!). The times are in US / Eastern Standard Time. There is an additional charge of 15 cents per minute for each contact dialed. This fee is added to your regular Infusionsoft billing.

Get Permission! Voice broadcasts are a permission-based marketing tool. All Infusionsoft users must comply with the U.S. FTC regulations and obtain permission from individuals before sending them voice broadcast messages.  Review the Infusionsoft acceptable use policy.

Please Note! Voice recordings are limited to no longer than 30 seconds.
  1. Go to Marketing > Settings
  2. Click on Voice & Fax at the bottom left of the page

  3. Enter a valid phone number with country code + area code + local number (e.g. 1 (480) 555-1234). The U.S. country code is 1. This number will show up on caller ID.
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to Marketing > Email & Broadcasts
  6. Click on Voice Broadcast

  7. Select the recipients:
    • Saved Search: Select a list of contacts from the dropdown. If you frequently broadcast to a specific list of people, you should create a saved search for that list.
    • New Search: Click on the new search link to create a new list of people. This list is temporary, it is not going to be a saved search.
    • Quick Add: Add a new contact if you find someone missing from the saved search or new search lists.
    • Import: Import a new list if the contacts you need are not already in Infusionsoft.

  8. Click Next
  9. If you've already created a voice broadcast, you can use it as a template for the current voice broadcast. Just click the Pick an existing voice broadcast link at the top of the page.

  10. To create a brand-new voice message
    1. Choose a scenario (whether a machine or human answers) and click the Add Message button.

    2. Enter a short, descriptive name for the message. This is an internal name.

    3. Enter your phone number and click on Call Me.

    4. Pick up the phone when it rings the number you entered above. You'll hear, "You have reached the Infusionsoft Message Recording Service. Please press 1 to get started."

    5. Press 1 to record your message. Begin the recording by instructing the recipient to press 8 to remove themselves from your call list - this is federal law.

    6. Save the message or replay it. The message will be saved for future use.

  11. (Optional) Click Send Test to send the voice broadcast to yourself. Note: You must have a valid phone number in your user record. Voice broadcast fees will apply. Note that you can also select a different person to test other than yourself.

  12. Click on the Acceptable Use Policy link to read the policy, then mark the checkbox to confirm you are in compliance.
  13. Click on Done to send the voice broadcast today, during the scheduled hours.
  14. Go to Marketing > Reports > Voice Batch Status to view the status of the voice broadcast.
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