Prevent someone from receiving a Voice Broadcast

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We are in the process of moving voice broadcasts to a new provider. As a result, voice broadcasts currently cannot be created or sent. We are actively working to resolve this issue, but do not have an estimated resolution date at this time. Learn more.


Voice broadcasts are a permission-based marketing tool. When you send a Voice Broadcast as part of a marketing process, the person receiving the voice messages can "opt-out" of your call list. You are required to begin your voice message by telling the recipient to press 8 to be removed from the list. This process is automated and does not require your intervention.

You may occasionally receive these types of requests by phone, email, or in person. You can manually update the opt status to remove (or add) a contact's phone number to your voice broadcast list. When you remove someone from your voice broadcasts, they will continue to receive other forms of marketing messages as long as their email status permits. They will only be opted out of the voice broadcasts.

  1. Open the Contact Record that you would like to modify.

  2. Click on the Manage Phone Status link to manually add or remove the person from your voice broadcasts.

  3. Click on the Manually Opt-Out This Phone link.

  4. Enter an Opt-out reason and click the Opt-Out button.

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