Personalized Email Confirmation

In the Campaign Builder there is a Confirmation Sequence that will allow your contacts to confirm their email address. However, the Confirmation Sequence is locked and doesn't allow many personalization options.  Here is how to create a personalized confirmation email including the campaign setup and contact record example.

Before the Campaign Process is created a tag needs to be configured under the Automation Links >Default Opt-in

Note: Automation Links Do Not work in the campaign builder but as long as you are using the Default Opt-in the tag will be applied.

By default the Link Text for the Default Confirmation Link is "Click Here" but you can change the verbiage.

  • Click the Actions Tab from the top right
  • From the Actions Drop down select "Apply/Remove Tag"

  • Select an existing tag or create a new tag

Next go to Marketing > Campaign Builder where you can then create a New Campaign or add these steps to an existing Campaign.

  • Create a sequence with the Confirmation Email 
    • In the email use the ~DoubleOptInLink~ merge field which will create the Confirmation Link

  • Add a Tag Apply Goal to the End of the Sequence

Contact Record Example

After the contact goes through the campaign and clicks the confirmation link in the email

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