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When you integrate with the PayPal Payflow Pro merchant gateway, you are able to process payments through any method (order forms, shopping cart, or manual orders). It will also handle auto-charges for subscription or payment plans. When a customer submits payment through the Payflow Pro gateway, they never leave your company website. PayPal is only running on the back end to process the payment. The customer never goes to the PayPal website and they only receive an order receipt from you, not one from PayPal.

Note: The Payflow Gateway only supports customer input and API parameter values that are in regular ASCII (English language) characters. Payflow does not support extended ASCII characters or any other character sets other than regular ASCII at this time. 

Example of an extended ascii character like á,é,í,ó,ú,ý

Additionally, the Payflow hosted checkout pages and PayPal manager account settings pages are available in English only. For information on a similar PayPal product that offers multi-lingual support, see Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution.

  1. Go to E-Commerce > E-Commerce Setup

  2. Click on Payment Types
  3. Make sure PayPal is checked and Select the Payflow Pro option.
  4. Fill in the Payflow Pro Merchant Information.

    Some of this information must be obtained from PayPal. (Visit the PayPal Help Center)
    • User: This is your Payflow account login name (This field is usually the same as the Vendor field.)
    • Vendor: This is the Payflow account login name (This field is the login ID you created when you signed up for the Payflow service. It is the same merchant ID used to access PayPal Manager.)
    • Partner: This contains VeriSign, PayPal or the name (ID) of the reseller company from which you purchased the Payflow Pro service.
    • Password: Contains your Payflow password, however, this may or may not be the same password you use to access PayPal Manager.
    • Currency: Select a currency from the dropdown. Note: This does not change the currency symbol displayed in the shopping cart. It only tells PayPal what currency to process the payment in. You can change the currency symbol through E-Commerce > Settings > Orders.
    • Be sure to check the box if you plan on offering recurring billing.

  5. Scroll down the to bottom right of the screen and click the Save button.
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