October 07, 2021 | Max Classic

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Marketing Text Templates

When creating text messages in Advanced Automations, you will now be able to create templates that you can use to make sending repeat messages easier. Learn more.

2-step authentication

2-step authentication is a method to increase the security of your account by confirming your identity via two factors: your password and a security code generated by an authenticator app on your phone that only you possess. Learn More.

Bug fixes

  • When a non-admin user in Max Classic has "can edit all records" for campaigns set to no, the task outcome pop-up does not appear when marking a task complete from their MyDay

  • Internal setting is preventing campaign links with merge fields from being populated.

  • Contacts appear to have not gotten emails when the broadcast experienced emails-api client exception errors

  • When “only append inf_contact_key to whitelisted domains” is set to yes, the contact key should only add to domains listed in the whitelisted domains box. Instead, the contact key is being added to all domains regardless of that setting. (Know Issue: 2543351)

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