November 11, 2021 | Max Classic

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Only text-capable numbers will receive messages

Your Keap Marketing Number will stop sending messages to non-text-capable numbers (e.g. landlines) and a designation will be added to the contact record. 

Expanded character count for an opt-in message

It is now simpler to automate processes for appointments because you can now add automations as you create an appointment booking link.

Bug fixes

  • If the top option was selected by default on a custom dropdown and a search was run against that dropdown, records that weren’t resaved wouldn’t appear in search results

  • Stripe payments weren’t going through due to an error 

  • When both a Free Trial Subscription and an Order Total Discount were present on an order form or in the shopping cart, the amount due was incorrect

  • A bulk merge request may include up to 500 merges, but if one of them had a wrong contact ID, the whole merge request failed

  • Dynamic content was not working properly for certain templates

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