May 6, 2021 | Max Classic

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Campaign Builder update: Product purchased goal enhancements

The product purchased goal can now be configured to start automation when an order form is submitted. Plus, you have the ability to select multiple order forms or products in a single goal. Lastly, the Payment type setting includes an option for "Any payment types" which will account for your existing payment types and any ones you create in the future. Learn more.

Campaign Builder update: New move opportunity sequence process

You’ve got a new way to automate your business with the “Move opportunity” process in the Campaign Builder. Using this process means you no longer need to manually move your opportunities from stage to stage, so you can spend more time closing deals instead of maintaining them. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Some orders with upcoming payment plan due dates were failing to charge on the scheduled date. (Known Issue 2387883)
  • The "Complete Task" button would not mark the task as complete if an end date hadn’t been entered. (Known Issue 2408313)
  • When attempting to export a quote, the export file would contain the contact’s quote with the lowest ID instead of the selected quote. (Known Issue 2389701)
  • When viewing a task on the Calendar, the link to the related contact was broken.
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