May 28, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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Hooray for consistency! All dates and times now display in your time zone

We’re happy to say that we’ve made a small, but important, improvement that we hope will make your life easier. Going forward all reports will display information based on your app's time zone, while tasks, appointments, and notes will display information based on each user's time zone. We’re confident this will allow you to spend less time thinking about the time stamp, and more time digging into the details and data.

Campaign Builder update: New options in “Set field value” process

Get more use out of your fields with the new “Clear existing field value” option. Do you run ongoing surveys, campaigns, or contests? This option will come in handy, allowing you to reuse fields over and over rather than creating new ones each time. Access this option from Campaign Builder > Sequence > Process. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Cart and order form themes created prior to 2015 were not redirecting customers to PayPal’s Express Checkout and marked transactions as paid without receiving payment. (Known Issue 2003387
  • In the advanced email builder, the buttons to navigate between pages of recipients were not working. (Known Issue 2029350)
  • In some cases, subscriptions were charged 1 day early.
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