May 14, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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Campaign Builder update: Years option available for Delay and Field Timers

Good things come to those who wait, so we added a “years” option to Delay and Field Timers in the Campaign Builder. You no longer need to stack multiple timers to trigger a sequence more than one year in the future. Almost as exciting as time travel.

Bug Fixes

  • Voice broadcasts would not send if the caller ID phone number in Marketing > Settings > Voice & Fax started with 833, for example 1 (833) 123-4567, and users would see an invalid number error. (Known Issue 1999966)
  • The enable simple left click setting in Admin > Settings > General would revert back to “No” after being changed to “Yes” in some apps. (Known Issue 1973256)
  • Documents could not be downloaded from attachment snippets on Order Form Thank You pages. (Known Issue 1882296)
  • The stage of an Opportunity could not be successfully updated via CRM > Opportunity > Actions. (Known Issue 1959560)
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