March 27, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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New integration: Accept payments with Stripe

We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Stripe. Accept credit card payments, get your funds delivered fast, and enjoy advanced radar fraud detection technology that keeps your account safe. Learn more.

Campaigns update: Introducing “else” conditions for decision diamonds

The only thing predictable about human behavior is that it’s unpredictable. Now you can define multiple paths for your customers, and plot the next step when decision diamond rules aren’t met as planned. Learn more

Bug Fixes

  • When refunds were processed in PayPal, they were recorded in Infusionsoft but failed to reset to $0, causing autocharge customers to be charged again. (Known Issue 1976818)

  • When updating “Opportunity search” results via quick edit, the success message stated “Contacts Updated” instead of “Opportunities Updated”. (Known Issue 1959492)

  • Tags containing quotation marks (") were rendering as “&quote;” instead. (Known Issue 1882115

  • Information was overwritten in the first subscription record when updates were made and saved to the second record when multiple subscriptions were viewed on separate tabs simultaneously in the same browser. 

  • When reviewing an email in the Advanced Email Builder, the email check service could not evaluate content and returned an error citing network condition.

  • The DateExpires column of the Referral Partners table did not appear in the results of a dataservice query made via the Infusionsoft API. (Known Issue 1943017

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