March 20, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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Campaigns update: Put your decision diamonds to work on empty fields

Are you missing important information from your contacts? Such as a job title or even a birthday? You can now use fields marked “Is empty” or “Is NOT empty” to either take action or close out a sequence. Learn more.

Broadcast update: Algorithm updates mean more accurate click-through results

To increase quality, we’ve made improvements to our link tracking algorithms. In the past, advanced bots could scan and click your email links, and in some cases cause contacts to be incorrectly tagged and entered into campaign sequences. Now you’ll see more accurate click-through rates. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Some failed payments made with PayPal Commerce were not automatically stopped after too many failed attempts. (Known Issue 1921351)
  • Some links in some campaign emails which used the modern email builder were not counting clicks in campaign and broadcast reporting. (Known Issue 1833686)
  • When clicking any summary number (i.e., delivered, opens, clicks, etc) in an individual Broadcast report, the number in the detailed Email Batch Results did not correspond. (Known Issue 1672927)
  • Newly created Lead Sources did not appear on internal forms when accessing the form from the quick-add dropdown until the form was republished. (Known Issue 1937273)
  • The “Stop” button when running a scheduled mass action did not stop the action. (Known Issue 1901957)
  • In a decision diamond, rules related to form submissions that were imported from another rule set display backend information ending in “(invalid)” until the decision diamond was revisited. (Known Issue 1969878)
  • In some applications, sales tax was not being applied to orders being created.
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