March 12, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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Campaign Builder update: Publisher attribution

Wondering who published that campaign? Mystery solved: moving forward, you can see the publisher for each of your campaigns on your dashboard view. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • Ecommerce order settings were overriding individual order commands. For example, if the “Email the invoice to the customer upon successful payment” checkbox was not selected in an individual order, but was set to YES in Settings, the Settings command overrode the individual order command.  (Known Issue 1960946)

  • Email open goals were not triggered if a link was clicked shortly (approx. up to 3 minutes) after opening the email. (Known Issue 1961779)

  • Some customers did not have access to Order Form permissions when they should have. (Known Issue 1895526)

  • When deleting items in a campaign sequence, the confirmation window indicated that all items in the sequence would be deleted, but only the selected items were deleted. (Known Issue 1943107)

  • When trying to view notes on the Contact Record from the interactive view, if the subject of the note contained quotation marks, they displayed as “"”. (Known Issue 1948420)

  • When in Internal Forms, list boxes were too small to see all the options. (Known Issue 1961891)

  • The 'Add New File' button was not working in the legacy email builder. (Known Issue 1949535)

  • When attempting to perform a test from the decision diamond rules screen, if any of the decision diamonds weren’t connected to any other campaign elements, all other decision diamonds (that were set up accurately) also resulted in an error. (Known Issue 1855834)

  • Automated invoices were not being sent out.

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