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Campaign Builder has a fresh new look

Building and launching campaigns just got easier! 

The updated look and feel makes everything easier to navigate. We've also added indicators to alert you if your campaign is ready to launch or still requires setup. Learn more

New features included: Icons, Curved connection lines, New status labels, and a Lighter theme.

Campaign Builder New Look FAQ

Q: Will all my campaigns still work?
A: Yes, none of the functionality has changed, and all of your existing campaigns will operate without any impact. Things will just look better while they do it.

Q: Does this mean that Keap is investing in improving Campaign Builder?
A: Absolutely, we recognize that the Campaign Builder is critical to the success of our customers and will continue to make improvements in the coming months.

New Campaign goal: Trigger automation on email open

Deliver tailored actions and messaging to your engaged contacts with the “Email Opened” goal. Trigger automation based on one, some, or all emails opened in a series. Access this feature from the tool menu inside Campaign Builder. Learn more

New Campaign Builder sequence: Create order

The “create order” sequence automates the order-to-invoice process, enabling you to integrate yet another aspect of your business. You can add products, set up payment options, and preview and edit the invoice before it sends. Learn more.

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