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Email Builder Improvement: Ability to Search/Filter Email Templates

Find your Email Builder templates more easily by searching for them.

  1. Navigate to My Templates while in the new Email Builder gallery view

  2. Navigate to the Search field in the top right corner of the main navigation bar

  3. Type the name of the template you are searching for

Pro-Tip! Templates automatically filter as you type – pressing the enter key is not required.


Longer Active Session Times

We have made some changes under the hood to greatly extend session times so that you won't be logged out and lose progress while working in Infusionsoft.

  • If you are actively using Infusionsoft, a single session can be run continuously for 3 full days.
  • If you are inactive for a set period of time (for the average person, 2 hours), then you will be given a 90-second timeout warning/countdown. After the countdown, if you have not shown activity, then your session will be logged out.
  • To protect your customer's credit cards, a user with sufficient permissions to view credit cards is required to provide a password once every 15 minutes when they attempt to view a credit card. This password challenge does not impact sessions being logged out - It does, however, log user attempts to view credit cards, and will lock the behavior down after multiple invalid passwords are entered.


Improved Email Sending Performance

We have greatly increased email sending performance for those that send very large email batches.

  • Improved the calculation and increased the accuracy of emails sent per second rate
  • Tuned and reindexed email sending related to database queries/updates
  • Updated and tuned the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • Improved the queuing of emails scheduled to be sent in the future

As a result, we have seen a 300+% increase related to email sending rates!


Increased Security on Order Forms & Shopping Cart

We have implemented a new security feature to prevent bots from using an Infusionsoft order form or shopping cart to test fraudulently obtained credit card numbers.

After the first failed credit card attempt on an order, we have implemented a Google reCAPTCHA as shown below:


PayPal Update: One Click Authentication for PayPal Express Checkout

We've made it easier to connect your PayPal Express Checkout to your Infusionsoft account.Click here to see how!


Infusionsoft Payments Update: View Fees Disclosure for Canadian Users

We now provide a convenient link to the publish fees associated with Infusionsoft Payments for Canadian processing.

  1. Navigate to E-Commerce Setup from the Infusionsoft main nav
  2. Click on Payment Types from the Payment sub menu in the bottom left corner of the screen

  3. Click the checkbox to the left of Payments to reveal details for configuring Infusionsoft Payments

  4. Click on the Canada radio button, then click on the View Required Regulatory Fees link

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