June 25, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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More custom fields for all!

Bumping up against the ceiling of your custom fields limit? We added a little more headroom. All apps now have 50 more custom fields, for a total of 150.  We also made it easier to see how many fields you’re using and how many you have left. Learn more.

Landing Pages update: New text editor toolbar

Give your font some extra flair with the new text editor toolbar in our Landing Page builder. Highlight any text on your page and the toolbar will display right where you’re working making it easier and quicker to modify text formatting. Change text colors, backgrounds, or use rich text formatting like bold, underline, and even strikethrough. Learn more.

Campaigns update: New “Add to sequence” process

With the new Add to sequence option, you can drop a contact into a campaign, and let them skip the line. Instead of making a contact start from the beginning, you can now add them to a sequence further ahead in the campaign. Learn more.    

Bug fixes

  • Some users were unable to create new legacy email broadcasts or edit existing legacy email templates and legacy broadcast emails. (Known Issue 2028067)
  • A contact opening a single email could trigger multiple email open goals if the campaign was created by copying another campaign. (Known Issue 2059194)
  • The completed date for tasks listed on the contact record was a day prior to the actual completion date for users whose time zone was set to Australian Eastern Standard Time. (Known Issue 2074137)
  • Developers using our ContactService.addwithDupCheck API call after a user manually updated a contact would experience some fields being set to “null” instead of remaining empty. (Known Issue 1962510)
  • In the Campaign Builder’s “Set field value” process, the text for some longer custom fields wrapped around and obscured the field value. (Known Issue 2059885)
  • Some emails sent from Broadcasts or Campaigns were not sent out and users did not receive an error to indicate the failure. (Known Issue 2066090)
  • Appointment notification emails were always using Eastern (EST) time, rather than respecting the timezone set in the user record. 
  • Timezone issues caused the total sales number in the All Sales dashboard widget and the All Sales Report to not match.
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