July Update 2017 | Classic Infusionsoft

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Floating Text Bar Editor

You can now edit text more easily with a floating text bar editor. This allows you edit a tall block of text without having to scroll up and down to access the tools needed for editing. The toolbar tucks away when the textbox is no longer in sight and re-appears when the text block scrolls into view. To see the new feature, just click inside a text block in the Email Builder.


Filebox Improvement: Image Preview & Download

You can now view thumbnails in the Company Images tab in your My Files page.

  1. Hover over the Home icon and click Files

  2. Click Company Images

  3. Click on the thumbnail image on the left to see a larger version of the image in a new tab. Click on the Download link to download the image to your computer.


Native Italian Translation Available for End-User Assets

Infusionsoft will natively translate the following assets for your Italian-speaking audience:

  • Confirmation Pages
  • Opt-in / Opt-Out Pages
  • Invoices
  • Order Forms
  • Quotes
  • Shopping Cart


Added HKD and VND Currency

Infusionsoft now supports the Hong Kong Dollar and Vietnamese Dong currencies. To set one of these as your native currency:

  1. Ecommerce > Settings
  2. Click on Orders

  3. Change your Currency Locale

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