February 10, 2020 | Infusionsoft by Keap

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Introducing weekly updates

Things are moving faster than ever here at Infusionsoft by Keap. We're moving from monthly updates to weekly ones. Each week, keep an eye out for the latest fixes, updates, and releases.

Delete a Quote in Draft

Keep your contact records organized with the ability to delete unsent quotes. Learn more.

Add Shipping Address to Invoices and Quotes

Some countries require invoices and quotes to include a shipping address so that taxes can be calculated accurately based on where the product is delivered or service is rendered. Learn more.

Ability to Disconnect Keap Payments (WePay) Accounts

Infusionsoft admin users now have the ability to disconnect WePay accounts within the app. Learn more.

Bug Fixes

  • When configuring sales tax tables in E-commerce -> Settings -> Sales Tax, the "Add a sales tax" drop down was not working if you were on page 2 or higher.
  • When a contact clicked a credit card update link from a billing automation email, the logo at the top of the form was cut off.
  • The Add New File button could not be clicked in Marketing Templates and Order Form Thank You Pages, preventing customers from adding images.
  • Invoices were still sending when the "Email receipts/invoices upon successful payment" setting was set to Yes in the app's E-Commerce Settings, but not selected for an individual order.
  • On order forms with a one-time payment and multiple payment options, PayPal payment buttons did not properly switch between one-time payments and billing agreements.
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