Email Compliance Remediation Process

Why have I been contacted regarding email compliance?

Some of your email marketing practices are not aligned with the industry standard best practices. This results in excessive spam complaints, hard bounces, or other symptoms, and can negatively affect email deliverability due to decreases in sender reputation. It may also put your Infusionsoft account at risk for violating the Terms of Use.  As an Infusionsoft customer, you a have a number of obligations including, but not limited to, the following that specifically pertain to email use:

  • All recipients must explicitly agree to receive email marketing from your specific business entity.
  • Spam/Feedback complaint rates must not exceed .1% (1/1000) per email service provider.
  • Opt-out links must not be padded or obscured.
  • Subject lines must not mislead the recipient as to the contents of the email.
  • Your business and/or email content must not pertain to any of the categories listed in Infusionsoft’s Acceptable Use Policy, Section 4.a. Questionable Practices (“Inappropriate Use”)

What will happen if no changes are made to my current marketing practices?

Once the below actions have been taken there should be a vast drop in the symptoms that negatively affect sender reputation.  If the symptoms do not drop, any one of the following will occur:

  • You may be contacted directly to take further action.
  • Temporary loss of email functionality in the application.

How do I get back in compliance?

Review all of your current marketing practices to ensure that you are using all of the best practices. These topics along with other best practices are covered in our Email Marketing Best Practices Handbook. (Link to Handbook)  Of these best practices, these 2 are the most important to focus on:

  1. Explicit Permission: Verify that you are only sending bulk marketing to contacts that have provided explicit permission – opt out any contacts that have not given you permission. Update your lead generation practices to ensure you are obtaining explicit permission to market to your contacts. For more specific help with this, use the information outlined in our Explicit Permission guide.
  2. List Hygiene: It is important that you only market to those contacts that want your emails and are actively engaged. To assist in reviewing your contacts you will need to perform List Hygiene Maintenance. Use the steps outlined in our List Hygiene guide.

  3. It is important to perform List Hygiene Maintenance on a monthly basis to prevent any further issues.
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