December Update 2017 | Classic Infusionsoft

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Refund Page Now Defaults to "Refund"

Please note that the Gateway Options on the Refund page now default to the Refund option. Also, the option to skip the refund if the gateway can't process it will also be default.

New Landing Pages Mobile Editor

You can now modify the look of your Landing Page when viewed on a mobile device. Just click the icon to start editing. The video below shows the steps to take in order to utilize this feature.

Just click the icon to start editing in mobile or desktop view, in real time..

Disallow Viewing of Decrypted Credit Cards

Administrators can now obscure all credit card information removing the ability for any admin users to un-hide credit card details. This essentially locks-down all but the last four digits of a card from being displayed throughout Infusionsoft.

Please Note!
If you enable this setting, no admin users in your Infusionsoft account will be able to unhide password-protected credit card details...including you! You will need to contact our Support team if you decide to disable this feature later.

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > General and scroll down to the bottom of the page
  2. Click the button to enable the new security setting

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