December 3, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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Tags update: See when a tag was applied

You can now see when a tag was applied on contact records, in your contact searches, and on the Tag Applications report. Get better clarity about when actions occurred so you can ensure your automations are performing as expected.

Contact record update: Enhanced summary details for campaign actions

The Recent Campaign History section of the Campaigns tab is more detailed than ever before. This section now includes a summary of all the campaign actions that were performed on a contact. You can also see if an action was completed successfully or why it was skipped.

Contact import update: Automatically opt out invalid emails

Infusionsoft can now detect when an email address you’ve added through a contact import could hurt your email reputation and inbox placement. Any invalid emails (ex: emails ending in “.con” or emails without an “@” symbol) will be opted out of email marketing. You can see a list of impacted emails and why they were opted out in the Email Status Search report.

E-Commerce update: Start and end time conditions for promotions and simplified flow

You have more control over your discounts, promotions, and upsells with a new start and end time field for each item. You can use these feature to set deadlines and create urgency with an expiring offer for your customers. All times are based on Eastern Time. Additionally, we simplified the process for creating a new promotion by turning a two-step process into one. Learn more.

Bug fixes

  • Some customers experienced delays in email delivery. (Known Issue 2170547)
  • A Stripe error message returned internal system jargon instead of informative details about the error. (Known Issue 2191738)
  • Some customers using the WordPress plugin could not see any of their published landing pages. (Known Issue 2117294)
  • Countries and states were not listed alphabetically in menus on the Admin > Settings and Marketing > Settings > Email Defaults pages.
  • Viewing previously sent emails from the recent email history sometimes showed an error message.
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