Contact Record Accurate Email History

You can view your accurate email history, including a copy of the exact email sent, from the contact record. The contact email history will also show emails attributed to a contact record via the Gmail sync or Microsoft email sync. 

1. Locate a contact record. You can do this by typing the contact first name, last name, email, or phone number in the quick search field on the top navigation bar. 

2. With a contact record open, click the Email icon. 

3. The Email history appears in a dropdown below the contact record.

The dots represent the Email Type which includes; Received, Sent, Campaign, and Notification.

The email Status will display for every Email in the Email history. The Email status will include a Dot representing the Email Type as well as one of four statuses which include: Unopened, Opened, Clicked, and Bounced.

4. Click on the Email Subject in blue to open a view of the sent Email.

The Email, including any merge fields (like firs and last name) is displayed. All merge fields are visible, including but not limited to: contact information, custom fields, and email signature.

Click the Show More in the bottom left hand corner to expand the email history list.

Click the View All to open a search window. You can scroll down to view all the emails for this contact or search a date range in the Choose Dates area in the upper left hand corner. In the Status column you can also see if this email was Synced from your connected Gmail or Microsoft email account.

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