April 16, 2020 | Infusionsoft


Just some light cleaning this week

The team is hard at work getting some updates ready to push next week. For now, enjoy better app continuity with a few important forms, payments, and display fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Emails that used OptOut merge fields (such as the Default Double Opt-in Email in Marketing > Templates) were displaying two unsubscribe links in the email builder and when they were received by a contact. (Known Issue 1925892)
  • We noticed for some of our customers, applications continued to autocharge PayPal accounts for orders that had already been cancelled through PayPal. (Known Issue 1948613)
  • When clients submitted web forms that were embedded within an iframe they would encounter an error instead of being redirected to the form’s thank you page. (Known Issue 1987669)
  • For some of our Chrome users, web forms embedded onto a website via a Javascript snippet were not displaying reliably. (Known Issue 1983601)
  • Some email links were being routed through a domain which resulted in contacts seeing a privacy message when visiting the links. (Known Issue 1921120)
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