April 10, 2020 | Infusionsoft

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Campaign Builder update: Keyboard Shortcut Menu

Automate like a pro with keyboard shortcuts in the Campaign Builder. Speed up your process by quickly selecting, unselecting, duplicating and deleting elements, as well as zooming in and out. Access the menu by clicking the keyboard button on the Campaign Builder canvas. Learn more

Bug Fixes

  • When contacts unsubscribed through their email provider instead of using our unsubscribe link, their email status was set to "List Unsubscribe" and automation triggered by an email status of “Opt-out” would not run. (Known Issue 1933955)
  • Very infrequently, users were unable to access their application for short amounts of time. (Known Issue 1980716)
  • When an order contained a total that exceeded seven digits the balance due rounded to the seventh digit. For example, an order total of $123,456.71 was shown as a balance due of $123,456.70. (Known Issue 1955095)
  • Some campaigns with a very specific set up were not removing contacts who had achieved an exit goal. (Known Issue 1897926)
  • Authorize.NET payments configured to use 3D secure payments were getting stuck in a pending status despite being paid. (Known Issue 1903748)
  • Quotes did not display a contact’s address if any part of the address had an empty value. (Known Issue 1899042)
  • Some Infusionsoft API API calls were not returning payment_plan details as they should have according to the Infusionsoft API documentation.  (Known Issue 1933028)
  • Past due payments on orders with payment plans were displaying the past due payment as an upcoming payment when previewing an invoice (Known Issue 1968924)
  • Users could not tell what data had been selected in a decision diamond when revising a selection.
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