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Action Set

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This is a legacy term that describes a series of events (adding a tag, sending an email, etc…) that happen automatically after being triggered by a link click or a product purchase. You may still hear this term from those that have not migrated over to the Campaign Builder.


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A secure interface through which external systems can access and update data in an Infusionsoft application.

App Name

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While signed into Infusionsoft, look at the URL in the address bar of your web browser. The first part of the URL before "" is commonly referred to as your App Name . For example, if the URL is "", then "123abc" is your App Name.

Automation Link

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A term used to describe a link in an email that initiates automation. For example, when someone clicks an automation link a tag can be applied to their contact record.


Billing Automation

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Automation that occurs when a purchase is made, an autocharge occurs, or when a credit card is going to expire.


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The status of an email that cannot be delivered due to a temporary or permanent issue with the recipient’s email address, or the recipient's email service provider.


Campaign Canvas

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The workspace you use to build a campaign in the campaign builder.

Campaign Sequence

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A campaign sequence is a scheduled series of communications and/or processes that are set in motion when a campaign goal is achieved, or a business event takes place.

Confirmation Email

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An email sent to a new subscriber asking them to confirm their email address. This process helps alleviate spam and bounce d emails and ultimately produces better deliverability. The term " Double Opt-in Email" is synonymous with " Confirmation Email ."


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Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) is a style language used for describing the presentation (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language such as HTML .


Double Opt-In

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Also called, " Email Confirmation ", it is the process whereby the recipient confirms their desire to receive your email content by clicking on an opt-in link.


Email Confirmation

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The process of sending an email that asks the recipient to click a link to confirm their email address. Email Confirmation is a vital step in reducing the chance of your email being marked as spam by the recipient.


Fulfillment List

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A fulfillment list is a customized spreadsheet containing contact information such as name, street address, phone number, etc... A fulfillment list is typically used to manage physical fulfillment by you or a vendor. A " fulfillment report " is similar, but also contains information about the products and services a customer purchased.

Fulfillment Report

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A spreadsheet containing a list of customers and the products they ordered from you. The fulfillment report is automatically created and distributed to a member of your organization, or a third-party fulfillment house. After receiving the fulfillment report, the recipient can start shipping physical products to customers.


Goal Method

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The mechanism that achieves a business objective (goal) in a campaign. Goal method s include web forms, landing page s, purchases, link clicks, etc...



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Hypertext Markup Language ( HTML ) is a markup language used to arrange and format content on a web page.


Internal Form

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A form that is submitted internally on behalf of a customer or prospect. Businesses use internal form s to create and update contact records, and start automation.


Landing Page

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An Infusionsoft-hosted web page used to capture information about a prospect.

Lead Source

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The marketing channel used to acquire a lead. For example, if someone finds your website via a search engine, the search engine becomes the lead source . Another example of a lead source is a social network such as Facebook.


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Legacy refers to software features that Infusionsoft has replaced with new technology. Legacy features exist because the tools necessary to automatically translate old functionality onto a new platform has not yet been created. If something is labeled as "legacy", it is recommended to use the modern counterpart of that feature.


Merchant Account

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A merchant account is a type of bank account that allows you to accept payments by debit and credit cards.

Merge Field

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A placeholder used to insert personalized content into a marketing piece such as an email. For example, ~Contact.FirstName~ is a merge field that inserts the value stored in the First Name field of the contact record into the marketing piece.


Note Template

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Time-saving templates for attaching repetitive notes to a contact record. Note template s can be used as goal method s in the campaign builder.


Opportunity Record

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A record used to track a potential sales opportunity. An opportunity record is tied to someone's contact record.


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An opt-in occurs when someone grants you permission to send them bulk email.


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An opt-out occurs when someone chooses not to receive bulk email.



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A snippet of reusable content that can be merged into multiple CustomerHub pages.

Purchase Action

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Automation that takes place when a successful, failed or error purchase is made.


Responsive Design

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A web design standard that allows a web page look and function optimally when viewed on any display size (tablet, phone, desktop, etc...) 

Round Robin

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A distribution rule that defines how opportunity record s are assigned to sales persons.



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An online catalog of goods and services that customers browse to review product details before selecting items for purchase.


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Sunsetting , in a business context, is intentionally phasing something out or terminating it.

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Searchable labels applied to contact records. Tags help you manage lists and can be used to start automation.



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An unidentified person who visits a website or landing page . The visitor profile is added to a contact record when the visitor submits a web form or is added to Infusionsoft manually.

Voice Broadcast

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A pre-recorded voice message delivered to a group of contacts by phone or voicemail.