Social Media Account Setup


You can use Infusionsoft to increase your social reach by broadcasting emails and publishing web forms to your social media followers. Your followers will have access to links that will allow them to view the hosted web version of your email or sign up form. In order to leverage this functionality, you will need to link your social media accounts to your Infusionsoft account.

Currently, connecting to Facebook is not functional, we are seeking a solution that will follow the Facebook integration terms.

Pro Tip!
Infusionsoft will never post anything to your social media account(s) without you're permission.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to Edit My Profile in the user toolbar to link social media accounts to your own profile, or go to Admin > Users if you want to authorize another user to post content to your social media accounts on your behalf.


  2. Scroll to the bottom row of tabs and click on the Social Accounts tab.


  3. Select an Account type from the drop-down.


  4. Click on Authorize Account.


  5. Enter the account username and password and authorize the connection.


  6. Click Done to complete the connection. 

    The new account is added to the Social Accounts list and will be available when you send an email broadcast or publish a web form.