Learn How To Navigate Infusionsoft


Infusionsoft is designed to perform your daily tasks efficiently through customized navigation menus. Your menu options align with your Infusionsoft edition and your permissions. System administrators can see all of the available menu options and are able to edit the permissions for other users. If you cannot perform a specific task, you should contact your company's Infusionsoft administrator for help.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Dashboard

    When you sign into Infusionsoft, you will see your home page dashboard. You can add reports and activity widgets to create a custom dashboard. The home page dashboard should display the information you need and provide direct navigation links to specific role-related lists and reports.


  2. Main Navigation Menu

    When you hover the Infusionsoft logo, the main navigation menu is displayed. The main navigation menu is comprised of several columns to help you find something fast. Although most people spend  their time in a specific area (e.g. Marketing), the main nav allows you to jump to another area quickly.


  3. Area Nav

    Each system area (CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, and Admin) has a matching area nav with additional drop-down menu options. The area nav allows you to perform multiple tasks (or work the whole day) in the same area of the system.


  4. User Toolbar

    The user toolbar menu provides access to organization, customization, and information tools.

    • Home - This section gives you access to check email, create and manage tasks and appointments, as well as upload or access company or personal files.

    • Recently Viewed - This displays a list of the last few pages a user has viewed. It provides a quick way to navigate back to one of them.

    • My Favorites - This menu is customizable. Click on Edit to add a link. This is a great way to add links to external websites you frequent throughout the day (e.g. company blog, facebook, or twitter.)

    • Marketplace - You can download free campaigns, check out various 3rd-party integrations, and connect with a certified Infusionsoft Consultant.

    • My Profile - This menu gives you access to customize you profile, preferences, and email signature.

    • Help - This menu includes a variety of support options such as reading help articles, watching training videos, participating in the user forum, or contacting technical support.

    • Search - From this area, you can search for a specific record by name or ID number. Use the drop-down to select a different item to search for.

    • Contact Quick-Add - Quickly add new contacts to Infusionsoft.