Email Best Practices

We realize that emails that go undelivered don't do anyone any good. We want to make sure that your message gets delivered...which is why we work hard to be recognized for email excellence. 

Part of our job is to make sure each of our customers knows email best practices. When all of us follow these rules and guidelines, deliverability goes up for everyone. We've put this page together to give you all of the resources and tools you need to feel comfortable and confident when you click the "send" button. 

Email Best Practices Course

Email Traffic School

Our comprehensive email traffic school is a great way to refresh your memory on email best practices. It's also a valuable tool to help new users understand the rules and policies we've put into place at Infusionsoft.


Email Series Wizard

Email Traffic School

The Email Series Wizard will take you through the process of creating an informative email series for your prospects. The interactive wizard will help you brainstorm and create meaningful content.


Other Resources

Avoiding SPAM Complaints