Customer Examples

Ideas in Action

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel – we’ll show you what other successful Infusionsoft customers are doing so you can get ideas for your business. Some of these businesses may be in your industry, some may not. But the things they’re doing may just give you the kickstart you need to get moving in the right direction. Take a look!


Professional Services
Kent Phelps - Attorney

Learn how Kent was able to automate his onboarding process to get his new clients everything they need without spending hours of his own time. You'll also learn some strategies for creating and delivering unique educational content through various channels, such as strategic partners. 

Legal / Professional Industry


Mentors International - Non-Profit Organization

Watch how Mentors International was able to automate their new donor onboarding and encourage their donors to help even more. You'll also see how by implementing some consistent marketing strategies, Mentors International was able to reach a wider audience.

Non-Profit Industry