Customer Examples

Infusionsoft customers are some of the most brilliant marketers we know…and we’re not just saying that. We’ve put together a few examples of what other users are doing to move the dial in their business. Take a look at some of the ways our customers are making the most of their Infusionsoft application.

Find out how this small business has tapped into Infusionsoft’s marketing automation to streamline their testimonial gathering processes.

Learn how an online coaching business simplified their data entry with Infusionsoft Web Forms, saving time, money, and patience.

Discover how Infusionsoft has helped one customer manage over 600 leads a day without hiring additional staff.

Read the story of one Infusionsoft Customer who uses social media (namely a business blog) to nurture and educate clients.

See how the power of segmentation has helped an Infusionsoft Customer stay afloat while others struggled. We’ll show you the segmentation strategies that worked for him.

Ever wondered how little companies could compete with the big firms with big ad budgets? One Infusionsoft Customer discovered how Infusionsoft’s automation could level the playing field.

Find out how one customer found a way to maximize his advertising dollars with a clever lead qualification process using Infusionsoft. 

One Infusionsoft Customer gets creative in order to Wow his customers after the sale. Find out how he uses the power of automation to build lifelong loyalty.

See how this growing company uses Infusionsoft features to automate the entire sales process and eliminate hours of work each day. 

See how a simple email series dramatically increased customer loyalty and the amount of referrals coming in to this professional services business.